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2023 12

Good News | "Ginnva's wholly-owned subsidiary was recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center."

Ginnva's wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangsu Jinghua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully recognized as a "2023 Provincial Enterprise Technology Center".

2023 11

Ginnva & Siemens & Deloitte - Process Optimization Project Kick-off Meeting

In order to improve the operation efficiency and realize the modern enterprise management mode, JINGHUA NEW METALS started the process optimization project on November 8, 2023. After 5 months of multiple rounds of research, study and exchange and internal assessment, it finally decided to form a tripartite joint project team with Deloitte China & Siemens China to help land the group's strategic planning objectives and optimize the process and control model.

2023 10

Ginnva | Autumn Campus Recruitment for the Class of 2024 is now open!

Ginnva 2024 Autumn Campus Recruitment , open and waiting for you; join Ginnva, start a wonderful career; solidify your ability, open and grow.

2023 05

Ginnva丨Industrial Germany tour, blooming Ginnva style!

In order to further develop and maintain the European market, display JINGHUA's international image, develop potential end customers in Europe, and establish cooperation channels, JINGHUA's new material team went to Germany on April 16th to start marketing activities.

2023 08

Summarize and build momentum, dive in with certainty | Ginnva's 2023 Mid-Year Wrap-Up Meeting Successfully Held

Ginnva President's Office organized the 2023 Mid-Year Summary Meeting, which was attended by the management and technical backbones of the Group's centers, divisions, molecular companies and branches, and chaired by Zhou Chengrun, Director of the President's Office.



Folding OCA domestic replacement, Ginnva at the right time

Folding OCA domestic replacement, Ginnva at the right time



Award丨Ginnva auto film brand new awards for the development of the automotive aftermarket industry

December 13, by the National Federation of Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce Automotive Aftermarket Specialized Committee (referred to as: CADCC) hosted, 2023 automotive aftermarket high-quality development forum and automotive top 100 awards was successfully held, the participants to discuss the development trend of the automotive industry, the Ginnva automotive film brand was awarded to serve as a drafting unit of the automotive paint film construction standards, and at the same time, successfully selected in the automotive aftermarket industry top 100 (car clothing and car film).



In-depth exchanges with renowned universities to promote the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research.

In order to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between Zhangjiagang area and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area, and to deeply explore the scientific and technological innovation resources of universities and institutes in the Greater Bay Area, representatives of the company accompanied the deputy secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Li Binglong and his entourage from November 22nd to 24th to carry out the cooperation and docking meeting in Guangzhou and Foshan, and Ginnva, as a representative of Zhangjiagang's new material science and technology company, participated in the whole scientific and technological docking activity.



2023 Vietnam International Adhesive & Bonding Exhibition

The exhibition attracted more than a hundred famous enterprises from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, etc.Ginnva has made a name for itself in the Southeast Asian market.

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