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Functional Film Materials

Anti-reflection film

The anti-reflection film is made by coating an anti-reflection layer with an optical PET substrate. AR series products are mainly used in display screens, cameras, etc. to reduce reflection intensity and increase transmittance.

Anti-glare Film

AG series are made of optical PET base material, single-layer or double-layer hardening. Double-sided hardened AG series are mainly used in traditional resistive touch screens, car navigation and ATM machines; single-sided hardened AG series can be used for protective stickers.

Polyurethane Protective Film

Polyurethane protective film series is made of optical PET substrate and polyurethane pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product is suitable for shipment and protection of glass, TP and ITO film products.

High Temperature Protective Film

It is made by PET substrate that inhibits low molecular precipitation and high temperature resistant acrylic adhesive with low peeling force. High temperature resistant protective film for double-sided cured film for IM and ITO.

Functional AB Glue

The functional AB adhesive is made by surface-treated functional optical PET substrate, one side is coated with silica gel and the other side is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product is suitable for screen protection of mobile phones, pads, display panels, etc.

Antistatic AB Glue

Double-sided tape for tempered glass protective film; colorless and transparent, light transmittance above 90%.

OCA Optical Film

OCA optical film is made of optical grade release film coated with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The product is suitable for reliable bonding in the fields of intelligent mobile, vehicle, tablet, multimedia display and so on.
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