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R&D Service

Product Development

Smith Corp. can provide various industrial adhesive solutions. In order to keep up with the needs of the market, it focuses on research and development to explore and solve the possibility of product realization, so as to verify and lead the potential needs of customers and grasp the correct market direction.

On the basis of traditional material applications, around core functions, new targeted functions are developed; and basic analysis of customer needs and product application goals is made to provide customers with solutions from multiple perspectives.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the group has the title of National High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, and has 6 subsidiaries. The company has always adhered to the development concept of "establishing an enterprise with science and technology, and prospering through hard work", relying on the independent establishment of R&D centers for industrial masking tape, electronic tape, hot melt tape, graphite thermal conductive materials, optical materials, polymer polymerization, special paper materials, etc., relying on senior industry The R&D team composed of consultants, doctors and masters focuses on the development of special tapes, environmental protection tapes, high-performance optical films, special curved glass and other products, serving rail transit, industrial appliances, household appliances, flat panel displays, consumer electronics, 5G communications, new energy, security protection and many other fields, have been widely recognized and exported to the world.

Smith Corp. is committed to continuous innovation for customers, creating high-value and responsible products, and becoming a responsible supply chain. According to customer needs, we will provide professional advice, adjust the optimal solution in one-stop, and help customers with intelligent manufacturing.

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Technology R & D personnel are the key to the formation of enterprise core competitiveness. By the end of 2021, the technology center has all kinds of R & D talents 108people,Senior Engineer 10 people,Engineer 11 people,Professional title technician 12 people,External experts 4 people。

Smith Corp. can guide the potential needs of customers, focus on exploring and solving the possible products and system solutions for technological realization, and better meet the needs of the market and customers. The R&D team has formed a group of core technicians in product research and development, management innovation, technological transformation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc., and played an active role in the rapid development of the enterprise. The enterprise cultivates high-level scientific and technological talents with innovative ability through various forms such as internal training, cooperative training, and sending abroad for further study, and provides a strong talent guarantee for the realization of new development strategic goals.

R & D Center

National R&D center


Advanced equipment instrument table/set

Specializing in the research and development of forward-looking technologies, key technologies, and technical difficulties, focusing on exploring and solving the possibility of technological realization, and providing support for product development. In recent years, Smith Corp. has developed a series of functional adhesive products with good market prospects, and gradually formed brand products such as tapes for industrial manufacturing, self-produced glues for coating and manufacturing, protective films for electronic products, and special tapes. It is widely used in construction, automobile, aviation, electronic appliances, medical equipment, packaging stationery, etc., and is adopted by well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

It has the title of national high-tech enterprise and Shanghai Science and technology small giant enterprise, and independently establishes comprehensive R & D centers such as industrial tape, electronic tape, optical tape and polymer polymerization. The R & D center has introduced more than 200 sets of advanced equipment and instruments at home and abroad, equipped with perfect analysis means such as mechanics, electricity, heat conduction, hot melting, flammability, aging, optics and molecular structure, and has advanced R & D teams and software and hardware R & D facilities, forming a high-standard domestic enterprise scientific and technological innovation center.

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Combined with the current emerging hotspots and national policy orientation , demonstrate the layout of the future and the joint development of conceptual topics in colleges and universities.

  • Establish Industry-University-Research bases with colleges and universities


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  • Actively establish cooperation with colleges and universities.

    Ginnva has established good cooperative relations with FDU,SEU and other institutions, making full use of its technology and talent advantages to enhance its own technological innovation capabilities.